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Open Air Photobooth

Our Open Air Photobooth is perfect for events that thrive on a relaxed and open atmosphere. Enjoy a photobooth experience without constraints. Our open-air setup allows groups of all sizes to capture memorable moments together.

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Enclosed Photobooth

For those who prefer a more intimate and private setting, our Enclosed Photobooth offers an exclusive space for creating memories.
Step into a private space enclosed by elegant curtains, allowing guests to let loose and have fun away from the main event.

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Mirror Photobooth

Step into the future of photobooths with our Mirror Photobooth. This interactive and elegant setup is perfect for events where aesthetics and engagement are key.

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Retro Photobooth

Transport your guests back in time with our Retro Photobooth. This vintage-inspired setup combines nostalgia with modern technology. The retro design of the booth adds a touch of nostalgia, making it a perfect fit for vintage-themed events.

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Revolving Photobooth

Take your photobooth experience to the next level with our Revolving Photobooth. This unique and eye-catching setup adds a touch of glamour to any event. Capture every angle with a photobooth that revolves, providing a dynamic and visually stunning backdrop for your photos.

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